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1,4-dimethylpiperazinium tetrathiotungstate(VI)

Show simple item record Srinivasan, B.R. Dhuri, S.N. Naether, C. Bensch, W. 2015-06-03T08:09:00Z 2015-06-03T08:09:00Z 2003
dc.identifier.citation Acta Crystallographica Section E-Structure Reports Online. 59; 2003; M681-M683. en_US
dc.description.abstract The title complex, (C6H16N2)[WS4], consists of tetrahedral [WS4](2-) dianions and organic dications.There are two crystallographically independent 1,4-dimethylpiperazinium (1,4-dmpH(2)) dications in the asymmetric unit, both of which are located around a centre of inversion, while the anions are located in general positions. The anions and cations are connected by hydrogen bonding. en_US
dc.publisher International Union of Crystallography en_US
dc.subject Chemistry en_US
dc.title 1,4-dimethylpiperazinium tetrathiotungstate(VI) en_US
dc.type Journal article en_US
dc.identifier.impf y

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