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  • Pai, I.K. (Ecology of Polluted Waters, Vol. 2, Ed. by: Arvind Kumar. APH Corporation, New Delhi. 2002; 827-831.)
  • D'Costa, S.; Pai, I.K. (Tropical Ecology. 56(3); 2015; 311-322.)
    Environmental conditions and zooplankton populations were studied in the nearshore waters of Colva and Karwar, along the central west coast of India to assess the spatial and temporal variations in zooplankton composition. ...
  • Pai, I.K.; Terdalkar, S.; Pereira, M.L. (Recent Trends in Biodiversity of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Ed. By: Ramakrishna C. Raghunathan and C. Sivaperuman. Zoological Survey of India, (Govt. of India). 2010; 113-129.)
  • Fernandes, A.; Pai, I.K. (Journal of Bioresources. 5(2); 2018; 24-32.)
    Water is the key substance for the survival of all living organisms. The quality of water in terms of physicochemical parameters affect the conditions for the existence of zooplankton. India is blessed with thousands of ...
  • Pai, I.K. (Advances in Zoology, Environmental Degradation and Biodiversity, (Proc. 10. All India Congress of Zoology, 14-18 Oct 1998) Ed. By: B.N. Pandey and B.K. Singh. Daya Publishing House, Delhi. 2000; 218-228.)
    Zooplankton are economically important large group of tiny animals. They are very useful indicators of currents helping hydrographers, foraminiferam ooze helping oil explorers, apart from their marvellous capacity of ...
  • Pai, I.K.; Terdalkar, S. (Trends in Life Sciences (India). 14(1); 1999; 1-5.)
    We have sampled zooplankton from five different fresh water bodies on Taieigao Plateau, Goa, by using standard zooplankton collection methods. This report provides first estimates of the diversity and abundance of zooplankton ...
  • D'Costa, S.; Pai, I.K. (Research Journal of Animal, Veterinary and Fishery Sciences. 11(1); 2013; 1-4.)
    Zooplankton serve as food for fishes and thus occupy an important position in the food chain. Zooplankton from coastal waters of Malvan were collected from August 2011 - May 2012 with the help of plankton net and were ...

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