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  • Panem, C.; Gad, R.S.; Kaushik, B. (Microelectronics Journal. 116; 2021; ArticleID_105231.)
    In symmetric 3-D chip stacking, TSVs plays an important role and provides denser and fine pitches. The number of vertical links in 3-D mesh NoC topology is equal to 2 (N - (sup(3) square root N sup(2))), where N is the ...
  • Patil, S.; Naik, G.M.; Pai, K.R.; Gad, R.S. (International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering. 7(8); 2017; 137-139.)
    Accuracy of microarray gene expression based cancer classification depends on microarray image processing techniques. Image de-noising is one of the crucial step of the microarray image processing. Better the quality of ...

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