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  • Alavani, B.K.; Das, A.; Pai, R.V. (Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics. 51(14); 2018; ArticleID_145302.)
    The Cluster Mean Field Theory(CMFT) for 2-dimensional Spin-1 Bose-Hubbard model is applied to study the superfluid (SF) to Mott insulator (MI) phase transitions and various magnetic phases, that arise in the presence of ...
  • Alavani, B.K.; Gaude, P.P.; Pai, R.V. (AIP Conference Proceedings. 1942(1); 2018; ArticleID_030005.)
    We investigate zero temperature and finite temperature properties of the Bose Hubbard Model in the hard core limit using Random Phase Approximation (RPA) and Cluster Mean Field Theory (CMFT). We show that our RPA calculations ...
  • Alavani, B.K.; Pai, R.V. (AIP Conference Proceedings. 1832; 2017; Article ID 030009.)
    We obtain excitation spectra in the superfluid and the Mott Insulator phases of Bose Hubbard model near unit filling within Random Phase Approximation (RPA) and calculate its spectral weight. This gives a transparent ...
  • Gaonker, C.G.F.; Alavani, B.K.; Das, A.; Pai, R.V. (AIP Conference Proceedings. 2115(1); 2019; ArticleID_030016.)
    In this paper, we analyze superfluid, insulator and various magnetic phases of ultracold spin-1 bosonic atoms in two-dimensional optical superlattices. Our studies have been performed using Cluster Mean Field Theory. ...

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