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  • Nayak, M.T.; Desa, J.A.E.; Babu, P.D. (AIP Conference Proceedings. 2115(1); 2019; ArticleID_030224.)
    Sodium silicate glasses with a fixed molar percentage of iron and varying percentages of sodium alkali have been synthesized by the method of melt quenching in air. The variation of glass transition temperatures Tg in this ...
  • Nayak, M.T.; Desa, J.A.E.; Babu, P.D. (Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids. 484; 2018; 1-7.)
    A glass forming matrix consisting of SiO sub(2)-Li sub(2)O-CaO was doped with 10 percent and 15 percent molar of Fe sub(2)O sub(3) and investigated for changes in structural and bulk physical properties of the host when ...
  • Nayak, M.T.; Desa, J.A.E.; Babu, P.D. (DAE Solid State Physics Symposium. 2017; Article ID 70006-4.)
    Soda lime silica glass ceramics containing iron and neodymium have been synthesized. The XRD pattern revealed that the glass samples devitrified into multiple phases. Fe2O3 as an initial component converted into Fe3O4 in ...
  • Raut-Dessai, R.; Desa, J.A.E.; Sen, D.; Babu, P.D. (AIP Conference Proceedings. 1942(1); 2018; ArticleID_050052.)
    Nickel oxide nanopowder was synthesized by sol gel method using nickel nitrate as the starting material. Nickel oxide nanoparticles with a grain size of 15-90 nm have been studied by; small angle neutron scattering; scanning ...

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