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  • Luthra, M.S.; Mishra, T.; Pai, R.V.; Das, B.P. (Physical Review B. 78(16); 2008; Article ID: 165104)
    We study a bosonic ladder with two coupled chains using the finite-size density-matrix renormalization group method. We show that in a commensurate bosonic ladder the critical on-site interaction (U(C)) for the superfluid ...
  • Ramanan, S.; Mishra, T.; Luthra, M.S.; Pai, R.V.; Das, B.P. (Physical Review A. 79(1); 2009; Article ID: 013625.)
    We study the Bose-Hubbard model using the finite size density matrix renormalization group method. We obtain a complete phase diagram for a system in the presence of a harmonic trap and compare it with that of the homogeneous ...
  • Mishra, T.; Pai, R.V.; Ramanan, S.; Luthra, M.S.; Das, B.P. (Physical Review A. 80(4); 2009; Article ID: 043614.)
    We report our findings on the quantum phase transitions in cold bosonic atoms in a one-dimensional optical lattice using the finite-size density-matrix renormalization-group method in the framework of the extended Bose-Hubbard ...

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