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Soft core FPGA platform for blood glucose measurement

Show simple item record Parab, J.S. Gad, R.S. Naik, G.M. 2015-06-04T04:32:38Z 2015-06-04T04:32:38Z 2014
dc.identifier.citation International Journal of Pure and Applied Research in Engineering and Technology (IJPRET). 2(9); 2014; 60-68. en_US
dc.identifier.uri - ECN 118.pdf
dc.description.abstract The authors in this article have highlighted the novel soft core FPGA based digital spectrophotometer system for glucose measurement non -invasively. Authors selected the NIR region for glucose prediction since glucose shows good spectral signatures in this region. Before testing the designed system on human tissue we have developed an practical model which resembles the actual human tissues spectra having shown in figure 2 by mixing the proportions of 5 variants normally interfere with glucose. 13 calibration samples were prepared by carefully weighing masses and mixing the 5 variants in different proportion as found in normal human tissue. The spectra's were recorded on spectrophotometer. The most common materials used in FTIR spectrophotometer as sample accessories are NaCl that are hygroscopic and therefore ill-suited for use in connection with aqueous solutions. Hence we have designed an novel multi reflector mirror system for Schimatzu FTIR 8400 having the spectral range from 400-5000 cm-1 to direct the sample beam towards the prepared chemical human tissue (later will be replaced with Actual human tissue: Hand or Finger) and scattered light is then collected by another mirror inclined at 45 degress and directed towards the detector of FTIR. The detected spectra's are then passed through an Partial Least square regression (PLSR) technique running on FPGA platform to estimate the concentration of glucose in human blood. en_US
dc.publisher IJPRET en_US
dc.subject Electronics en_US
dc.title Soft core FPGA platform for blood glucose measurement en_US
dc.type Journal article en_US

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