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  • Gad, P.; Gopakumar, V. (International Journal of Next Generation Library and Technologies. 5(1); 2019; 1-15.)
    The Internet has an important role in the digital revolution in libraries. However there exists a debate on whether it is an asset to libraries or it will replace libraries. This research study is intended to study the ...
  • Gopakumar, V. (Nat. Conf. Social Media and Libraries, Ed. by: K.V. Prabhakara; N.S. Harinarayana; Sunil, M.V.; VasanthaRaju, N.; Veena, M. Mahajana Tourism Development Institute, Mysore and Dept. of Library, SBRR Mahajana First Grade College, Mysore. 2014; 91-96.)
    Author discusses the evolution of Social Networks on the Internet. The change of web 2.0 tools to social interaction has changed the way people make use of the Internet. Author also discusses the role of librarians and ...
  • Gopakumar, V.; Anuradha, V. (Twigging Facets of E-Resources in Libraries, Ed. by: N.S. Harinarayana; Sunil, M.V.; Rukminamma, P. Teresian College, Mysore and Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute for Management Development, Mysore. 2013; 121-130.)
    This write up describes how the Goa University library has used Information and Communication Technology tools for automation and marketing of library. It further emphasizes on how open source software has been used to ...
  • Gopakumar, V.; Baradol, A.K. (Confetti of Thoughts on Library and Information Studies, Essays in Honour of Prof. (Dr.) C.V. RajanPillai, Ed. by: S. Humayoon Kabir and K.G. Sudhier. Authorspress Global Network. 2010; 189-196.)
    The paper discusses the changes that open access and institutional repositories have brought in the scholarly publishing scenario at the international level, and their impact on libraries and librarianship. The need for ...
  • Kakodkar, A. (Souvenir: Ranganathan Smarak Smriti, Pune. 1994; Require pagination (from-to))
  • Kakodkar, A. (Souvenir: Ranganathan Centenary Celebrations. Raja Ram Mohan Roy Library Foundation, Calcutta and Gomantak Granthalaya Sangh, Goa. 1993; Require pagination (from-to))
  • Gopakumar, V.; Anuradha, V. (Library 2.0 and Information Management, Essays in Honour of Dr. Jalaja, V. Ed. by: Dineshan Koovakkai and T.M. Vasudevan. Atlantic Publishers and Distributors (P) Ltd., New Delhi. 2011; 225-232.)
  • Pereira, S. (Library Philosophy and Practice. 2022; ArticleID_6678.)
    The Covid-19 pandemic has necessitated a tremendous shift in library services. Librarians need to equip themselves with the necessary skills to provide efficient services to the users. The objective of this study is to ...
  • Gopakumar, V. (Trends in Management of Academic Libraries in Digital Environment (TMALDEN - 2014), 19-20 Dec 2014. Ed. by: Krishnamurthy, M. College Book House, Bangalore. 2014; 49-53.)
    Libraries are the social institutions which are affected heavily by the impact of technology. The technology continues to change day by day. It is becoming very difficult for a library professional to be keep updated with ...
  • Mhamal, M.C. (Konkani Translation of 'Outline of Indian Philosophy' by M. Hiriyanna. 2021; 343pp.)
    प्रो. म्हैसूरू हिरियन्ना (१८७१-१९५०) प्रख्यात भारतीय तत्ववेत्त्तो, संस्कृत अभ्यासक आनी भारतीय सौंदर्यशास्त्रा विशींचे जाणकार आशिल्ले. ते म्हैसूर विद्यापीठांत संस्कृतचे प्राध्यापक आशिल्ले भारताचे आदलें राष्ट्रपती भारतरत्न ...

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