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Exploring the future of Li-Fi

Show simple item record Fernandes, V. Parab, J.S. Naik, G.M. 2021-02-09T04:54:48Z 2021-02-09T04:54:48Z 2020
dc.identifier.citation International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology. 13(12); 2020; 5182-5189. en_US
dc.description.abstract Wi-Fi is everywhere and yet it is impossible to imagine connectivity without an Wi-Fi. In the recent past the technology Li-Fi is making a way to replace Wi-Fi. Li-Fi is a superfast wireless communication system for data transmission. Till date, for short distance wireless communication Wi-Fi is used because of its speed. Li-Fi on the other hand gives better bandwidth efficiency and security. As Li-Fi uses Optical light for communication, the source is LEDs, that are rapidly replacing incandescent light bulbs for their energy savings and durability - to transmit data so it provides illumination and wireless data communications at the same time and with the same device. The lighting panes used for illuminating buildings, streets, medical centres, malls etc., allow us to transfer huge volumes of data simultaneously and concurrently and that too at very high speeds. The paper presents the use of Li-Fi communication technology in various applications such as Smart city, Healthcare, Education, Smart homes, Internet, Aviation, Automotive, Industrial. We have experimentally demonstrated the transmission of data through the use of Li-Fi. This paper also discusses about the selection of Light source (Transmitters), Detector (Receivers), modulation techniques, orientation and alignment to improve the efficiency of Li-Fi system. en_US
dc.publisher International Research Publication House en_US
dc.subject Electronics en_US
dc.title Exploring the future of Li-Fi en_US
dc.type Journal article en_US
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