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  • Asnani, K.; Pawar, J.D. (Procedia Computer Science. 112; 2017; 693-702.)
    We study the problem of automatic extraction of aspects from code-mixed social media data in the form of topic clusters. To address the same, we present the background and propose a code-mixed probabilistic topic model. ...
  • Asnani, K.; Pawar, J.D. (Proc. 3. Workshop on Indian Language Data: Resources and Evaluation (WILDRE3), Portoroz, Slovenia. 24 May 2016. 2016; 104-109.)
    In current times, the trend of mixing two or more languages together (code-mixing) in communication on social media is very popular. Such code-mixed chat data is enormously generated and is usually noisy, sparse and exhibits ...
  • Asnani, K.; Pawar, J.D. (Computacion y Sistemas. 22(1); 2018; 55-63.)
    With recent advancements and popularity of social networking forums, millions of people virtually connected to the World Wide Web, commonly communicate in multiple languages. This has led to the generation of large volumes ...
  • Asnani, K.; Pawar, J.D. (Proc. 13. Int. Conference on Natural Language Processing, Ed. by: D.S. Sharma, R. Sangal and A.K. Singh. IIT, BHU, Varanasi. 2016; 259-266.)
    In social media code-mixing is getting very popular due to which there is enormous generation of noisy and sparse multilingual text which exhibits high dispersion of useful topics which people discuss. Also, the semantics ...

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