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  • Barnabas, N.; Mekoth, N. (Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics. 22(3); 2010; 330-350.)
    This paper aims to find out whether superior autonomy at boundary spanning levels in service organizations results in better market orientation and performance and whether autonomy and decentralization, though conceptually ...
  • Mekoth, N.; Narayanan, K.G.S.; Barnabas, N. (A Book of Selecteed Cases. 13; 2008; 71-78)
  • Mekoth, N.; Barnabas, N. (South Asian Journal of Management Research. 3(1); 2011; 196-198.)
  • Barnabas, N.; Mekoth, N. (South Asian journal of Management Research. 1(1); 2009; 19-27.)
    Through the review of the literature an attempt is made to define organizational autonomy and to explain how it differs from other related concepts like individual autonomy and decentralization. Further the researchers ...
  • Mekoth, N.; Barnabas, N. (South Asian Journal of Management Research. 7(1); 2015; 574-581.)
    The research study is an attempt to understand how customer orientation happens in an organization particularly with reference to the role of front line. Critical Incident Technique was employed to collect stories of ...
  • Barnabas, N.; Mekoth, N. (A Book of Selected Cases. 13; 2008; 59-64)
  • Mekoth, N.; Barnabas, N. (Ushus, Journal of Business Management, Christ College, Bangalore. 4(1); 2005; 1-7)
    There is no consensus among researchers on the definition and measurement practices of Organizational Performance. Some suggest that it is best left as a conceptually rather than empirically relevant construct.

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