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  • D'Mello, C.; Chang, L-C.; Kamat, K.; Scaglione, M.; Weiermair, K.; Subhash, K.B. (International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Systems. 8(2); 2015; 1-11.)
    To strategically utilize resources to minimize the negative impacts of tourism and increasing the social support for tourism development, the present study examined the residents of the State of Goa by using the model ...
  • Gauns, K.K.; Subhash, K.B.; Kamat, K.; Chen, R.F.; Chang, L-C. (IIM Kozhikode Society & Management Review. 7(1); 2018; 45-58.)
    Celebrities have been involved in endorsing various activities since the eighteenth century. This article focuses on five aspects: to examine the present status of literature available on the effect of celebrity endorsement ...
  • Subhash, K.B.; Naik-Gaonkar, D.; Castanha, J.; Chang, L-C.; Chen, R.F. (International Journal of Learning and Change. 13(3); 2021; 264-288.)
    Telecommunication industry in Goa is a classic example of customer dissatisfaction with respect to the services offered by the mobile service providers having little substantive evidence to support. This study measures the ...

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