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  • Nagvenkar, A.S.; Prabhugaonkar, N.R.; Prabhu, V.P.; Karmali, R.; Pawar, J.D. (7. Int. Global WordNet Conf. 25-29 Jan 2014 (Tartu, Estonia). 2014; 86-94.)
    The IndoWordNet Consortium consists of mem-ber institutions developing WordNet using the expansion approach. The WordNets developed using expansion approach are very much influenced by the source language and may not reflect ...
  • Prabhugaonkar, N.R.; Pawar, J.D.; Nagvenkar, A.S.; Bhattacharyya, P.; Kanojia, D.; Shrivastava, M. (11. Int. Conf. Natural Language Processing (ICON-2014), Goa Univ., Goa. 18-21 Dec 2014. 6pp.)
    We present our work on developing fifteen Hierarchical Phrase Based Statistical Machine Translation (HPBSMT) systems for five Indian language pairs namely Bengali-Hindi, English-Hindi, Marathi-Hindi, Tamil-Hindi, and ...

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