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  • Kambale, S.S.; Yadav, S.R. (Taxon. 64(6); 2015; 1340-1341.)
  • Dabolkar, S.; Kamat, N.M. (Journal of Applied Geochemistry. 23(4); 2021; 261-275.)
    Biomining is a natural, eco-friendly technique which is employed on commercial scale for the extraction of metals. Biomining is a process of conversion of an insoluble metal such as metal sulfides into a soluble form using ...
  • Pagare, R.S.; Janarthanam, M.K. (Taxon. 65(2); 2016; 418-.)
  • Vaingankar, J.D.; Rodrigues, B.F. (Mycotaxon. 115; 2011; 323-326.)
    A new species of Acaulospora from the laterite soils in Goa, India is described and illustrated. The spores have a unique wall with fibrillose, hairy outgrowths, which appear like the rays of the sun when mounted in water ...
  • Velho-Pereira, S.; Kamat, N.M. (Indian Journal of Experimental Biology. 51(8); 2013; 573-596.)
    Actinobacteria are important sources of compounds for drug discovery and have attracted considerable pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural and industrial interests. Actinobacteriological research is still in its infancy ...
  • Vaz, J.F.; Sharma, P.K. (Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants. 16(3); 2010; 229-240.)
    Adaptational changes occurring in the lipids and fatty acids of the cell and the thylakoid membrane in response to high light treatment, was studied in 30 days old rice (Oryza sativa L. cv. Jyothi) plants grown under low ...
  • Joshi, V.C.; Rajkumar, S.; Janarthanam, M.K. (Journal of Economic and Taxonomic Botany. 21(2); 1997; 495-500.)
    The flora of Goa is relatively underexplored as compared to other neighbouring states. The present paper adds 31 dicotyledonous species belonging to 26 genera and 15 families to the flora of Goa.
  • Kerkar, V. (Seaweed Research and Utilization. 26(1and2); 2004; 19-21.)
    Seven species of marine algae (2 Chlorophyta, 2 Phaeophyta and 3 Rhodophyta) are recorded from various localities of Goa for the first time. In the present paper a detailed account of habitat, distribution, morphological ...
  • Kolte, R.R.; Kambale, S.S. (Zoo's Print. 33(11); 2018; 15-21.)
  • Rajkumar, S.; Joshi, V.C.; Janarthanam, M.K. (Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society. 96(1); 1999; 181-183.)
    The family Poaceae has attracted considerable attention due to its economic importance and diversity. However, the flora of Goa state has not been studied well due to its historical isolation , till 1961. The floras published ...
  • Rupa, A.K.; Janarthanam, M.K. (Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society. 92(3); 1995; 148-150.)
    The flora of Goa is relatively underexplored when compared to the neighbouring states, namely Karnataka and Maharashtra. This is true at least with regard to the seasonal plants, as in the case of the family Scrophulariaceae. ...
  • Rajkumar, S.; Joshi, V.C.; Janarthanam, M.K. (Journal of Economic and Taxonomic Botany. 22(3); 1998; 688-690.)
    The Goa state is rich in wetland habitats which are relatively underexplored. As a result of floristic study of wetlands, 11 species of sedges are being reported in the present paper as additions to the family Cyperaceae ...
  • Rodrigues, K.M.; Rodrigues, B.F. (Proc. Nat. Conf. New and Emerging Trends in Bioinformatics and Taxonomy (NETBT-2015), Ed. by: Madhuri Pejaver, Medha Mulgaonkar and Moses Kolet. B.N. Bandodkar College of Science, Thane. 2015; 33-36.)
  • Rodrigues, B.F.; Gour, H.N.; Bhat, D.J.; Kamat, N.M. (Goa University. 2005; 209pp.)
  • Krishnan, S.; Rodrigues, B.F. (Goa University, Taleigao Plateau, Goa. 2015; 224pp.)
  • Bhat, D.J. (Advances in Plant Sciences and Biotechnology, Ed by: S. Krishnan and B.F. Rodrigues. Goa University. 2015; 72-76.)
  • Rajkumar, S.; Janarthanam, M.K. (Journal of The Botanical Research Institute of Texas. 1(1); 2007; 129-133.)
    The taxonomic position of the Indian endemic tree genus Poeciloneuron was reassessed using morphological and anatomical data. Poeciloneuron pauciflorum differs from P. indicum, the only other species of the genus, in its ...
  • Bukhari, M.J.; Rodrigues, B.F. (Kavaka. 58(3); 2022; 39-47.)
    Arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungal colonization, spore density, and AM fungal richness were assessed with mine age. Iron ore mines with ages ranging from 10 to 50 years located in the state of Goa constituted the study ...
  • Nadaf, A.B.; Krishnan, S. (International Rice Research Notes. 27(1); 2002; 23-24.)
    Efforts are made to determine the reasons for specific patterns of breakage of the aleurone in the caryopsis among the 16 varieties of rice during cooking, with special reference to longitudinal breakage.
  • Shetiya, C.; Kerkar, V. (Indian Hydrobiology. 7(1and2); 2004; 73-76.)
    The present communication deals with algal flora of paddy fields from Merces (Tiswadi), North Goa. Frequent collections were made every fortnight from 5 paddy fields of Merces. Algal colonies were picked up by hand picking ...

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